Complete Hockey Arena Seating, Ticketing and Accounting Software

Let the software manage your Season Tickets, Games, Events, Budgets, Inventories, and more...
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SOFTWAREHave you ever thought that managing an Arena, Hockey Team, and a Business should be easier?Learn more

Designed for Hockey

Custom version of our popular iNIMS software, catered specifically for Hockey Teams.

Tonnes of Reports

Everything from Financial Reports, to Game Attendance, to Product Sales Trends, to Inventory and more.

Easy To Use

Our software is 100% web based and runs on your computer, tablet & smart phone. Open the software from anywhere, anytime.

Fast & Convenient

Whether you are in the office, on the bus to your next game, or working remotely, the software is just a click away.

Each user can customize their own dashboards!

When you first login to the software, you are welcomed by your dashboard. The dashboard can be setup with widgets from many areas of your HockeySoft software. There are widgets for game stats, attendance, sales as well as widgets for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory and widgets in many other areas like HR, Project Management, Recurring Transactions etc. You design your dashboard the way you want! Oh, and you can create as many dashboards as you like, all just a click away!

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Easy Arena Management

You can easily manage your arena, your events, your hockey season with our easy to use tools. Whether you are creating a custom event, or adding an event to your existing season, HockeySOFT will keep track of billing, promotions, seats, etc and let you focus on the event experience without having to worry about the details.

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It's as ease as 1 - 2 - 3!


Setup your software

Once you are setup on our software, you can start managing your promotions, your events, your ticketing and your accounting all from one easy to use system.


Create Events

Once you start creating games and events, you can start selling tickets and online users can even login to a ticketing website and buy their tickets online!



Run reports on your revenues, your expenses, your attendance, and your efficiency as a business overall. There are many tools to automate the tasks that normally take forever!

Fully Responsive

Software works on any smart web-enabled device.


Getting you the data you need ... quickly!

Powerful Solution

Software that is tested in several different industries, and then refined to focus on Hockey Arena Management.

Easy to Find Data

Any data in the system is easy to find and just a click or two away.


Helpful tips are scattered through the software to help guide you.

Easy To Build On

Our suite of iNIMS software solutions are a combination of many feature requests over the years from all of our clients. We have built all of the software in-house, so adding new features is part of every day business for us.